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Blue John

The name 'blue john' probably originates from the French, words 'bleu-jaune', meaning 'blue-yellow'. "Blue John" or "Derbyshire Spar" is mined Castleton, Derbyshire, England.

Treak Cliff Cavern is one of only two working Blue John mines in the world and extracts approximately half a ton of blue john per year, mostly to be used in jewellery.

Blue fluorite occurs widely throughout Derbyshire and especially in the Ashover and Crich areas.

Gem quality bluejohn Click for larger image Banded Blue John specimen

Blue-banded fluorite is very rare. An ornamental mineral known to the Romans as murrhine may have been a fluorspar similar to Blue John. Recently discovered deposits in China have produced fluorite with colouring and banding similar to the classic Blue John stone.

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